Using BNB Express

Domestic Goods Sent to Australia

BNB Express Introduction

BNB EXPRESS is an import and export logistics company in Australia.
In addition to its excellence in the rapid shipping of small cargoes, BNB has developed a unique and mature transportation system for the shipping of large, heavy, fragile and irregular cargoes, which can achieve a much higher success rate of customs clearance and a lower rate of cargo damage.
In Australia, BNB has set up its own warehouses in Sydney, providing customers with short-term or long-term storage services, as well as doorto door pick-up of Marine goods.
BNB also has its own mature local delivery team in Australia, providing free home delivery service for customers within 30km of the warehouse, which is much more efficient than local third-party logistics companies in Australia.
At the same time, BNB also provides B2B fast logistics solutions for local enterprises in Australia. Whether you want to quickly deliver goods to end customers, arrange after-sales pickup, or deliver goods to home and install, we have a detailed set of solutions for you.

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